SOFMER special session

Invited session: “Clinical applications of FES in rehabilitation/readaptation.  Current situation and expectations of french clinicians.
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Organizer: Prof. Dr. med. Isabelle Laffont, Physical and Rehabilitation medicine, Montpellier Hospital.


Dr Flavie Frémondière, M.D., Physical and Rehabilitation medicine, Angers (France)
Functional electrical stimulation for foot drop and hemiplegic gait.
Pr Éric Vérin, M.D, CHU Rouen (France)
Functionnal electrical stimulation in oropharyngeal dysphagia and swallowing disorders
– Dr J. Froger, M.D, CHU Montpellier/Nîmes (France)
Functional electrical stimulation for foot drop correction
– Dr C. Fattal, M.D, CRF COS DIVIO Dijon (France)
Lower limb functional electrical stimulation in patients with spinal cord injury : practice and perspectives

Round table
Clinicians: Pr Vérin, Pr Richard, Pr Mesure, Dr Froger, Pr Laffont
Engineers: Dr Keller, Dr Popovic, Dr Azevedo Coste

* SOFMER is the French scientific Society of Physical and Rehabilitabion Medicine (PRM)

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