Regular Session RS22

Chairs: Manfred Bijak, Dingguo Zhang
12mn presentation + 3mn questions

Paper 18 – Benoit Sijobert, Christine Azevedo, David Andreu, Claudia Verna and Christian Geny. “Effects of sensitive electrical stimulation based cueing in Parkinson’s disease: preliminary study.

Paper 36 – Vahab Nekoukar and Abbas Erfanian. “The Role of Ankle Plantar Flexors in Walking Performance during Closed-Loop Control of Walker-Assisted FES-Activated Paraplegic Walking.

Paper 42 – Ana Claudia Lopes, Claudia Ochoa-Diaz, Roberto Baptista, Lucas Fonseca, Charles Fattal, Christine Azevedo Coste, Antônio Bó and Emerson Fachin-Martins. “Electrical stimulation to reduce the overload in upper limbs during sitting pivot transfer in paraplegic: a preliminary study.

Paper 50 – Markus Valtin, Kristian Kociemba, Carsten Behling, Björn Kuberski, Sebastian Becker and Thomas Schauer. “RehaMovePro: A Versatile Mobile Stimulation System for Transcutaneous FES Applications.

Paper 68 – Jovana Malesevic, Matija Strbac, Milica Isakovic, Vladimir Kojic, Ljubica Konstantinovic, Aleksandra Vidakovic, Suzana Dedijer, Milos Kostic and Thierry Keller. “Evolution of surface motor activation zones in hemiplegic patients during 20 sessions of FES therapy with multi-pad electrodes.

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