Note: The Long-Abstracts have been submitted for final editing and acceptance to the European Journal of Translational Myology.

Paper 3 – Michael Schweigmann, Frank Kirchhoff and Klaus Peter Koch. “Modeling and Simulations in Time Domain of a Stimulation Set-up for Cortical Applications.

Paper 4 – Austin Bergquist, Matheus Wiest, Yoshino Okuma and David Collins. “Interleaved Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation of the Paralyzed Plantarflexors.

Paper 5 – Kelly Stratton and Pouran Faghri. “Electrically and hybrid-induced muscle activations: effects of muscle size and fiber type.

Paper 6Deepesh Kumar, Sunny Verma, Sutapa Bhattacharya and Uttama Lahiri. “Audio-Visual Stimulation in Conjunction with Function Electrical Stimulation to Address Upper Limb and Lower Limb Movement Disorder.”

Paper 7 –  Deepesh Kumar, Anirban Dutta, Abhijit Das and Uttama Lahiri. “Effectiveness of Visual Stimulation in Screening and Rehabilitation.”

Paper 8 – Woosang Cho, Nikolaus Sabathiel, Rupert Ortner, Alexander Lechner, Danut C. Irimia, Brendan Z. Allison, Günter Edlinger and Christoph Guger. “Paired Associative Stimulation using Brain-Computer Interfaces for Stroke Rehabilitation: A Pilot study.”

Paper 9 – Mohammad Khazaei and Abbas Erfanian, “Adaptive Fuzzy Neuro Sliding Mode Control of the Hindlimb Movement Generated by Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation in Cat.

Paper 10Christina Salchow, Markus Valtin, Thomas Schauer and Thomas Seel. “A new semi-automatic approach to find suitable virtual electrodes in arrays using an interpolation strategy.”

Paper 11Mingxu Sun, Laurence Kenney, Christine Smith, Karen Waring, Helen Luckie and David Howard. “A Flexible Finite State Controller for Upper Limb Functional Electrical Stimulation.”

Paper 12 – Marco Laubacher, Efe Anil Aksöz, Stuart A. Binder-Macleod and Kenneth J. Hunt. “Comparison of proximally versus distally placed spatially distributed sequential stimulation electrodes in a dynamic knee extension task.”

Paper 14 – Thomas Janssen, Kirsten Raaijmakers, Iris van Oost, Sonja de Groot and Christof Smit. “Energy expenditure during rest and ADL increased by electrical stimulation-induced leg muscle activation.”

Paper 15 – Zhan Li, David Guiraud, David Andreu, Charles Fattal, Antony Gelis and Mitsuhiro Hayashibe. “A hybrid functional electrical stimulation for real-time estimation of joint torque and closed-loop control of muscle activation.”

Paper 16– Ines Bersch, Susanne Opel and Sabrina Koch.FES and Fun.”

Paper 17 José Zariffa, Sander L. Hitzig and Milos R. Popovic. “Functional Electrical Stimulation Applied to Facial Muscles can be used to Neuromodulate Emotions”

Paper 18 – Benoit Sijobert, Christine Azevedo, David Andreu, Claudia Verna and Christian Geny. “Effects of sensitive electrical stimulation based cueing in Parkinson’s disease: preliminary study.

Paper 19 – Sean P. Doherty, Sarah L. Knight and Anne Vanhoestenberghe. “Developing a Wireless Device for the Research of Practical Neuromodulation Techniques to Treat the Neurogenic Bladder.

Paper 20 – Stefan Ruppin, Constantin Wiesener and Thomas Schauer. “Inertial Sensor-Based Control of Functional Electrical Stimulation in Paraplegic Cycling.

Paper 21 – Águida Foerster, Michael A. Nitsche and Anirban Dutta. “Cerebellar transcranial direct current stimulation for lower limb visuomotor myoelectric control.”

Paper 22Carmen Godfraind, Adrien Debelle, Laurent Lonys, Vicente Acuña, Pascal Doguet and Antoine Nonclercq. “Inductive Powering of Subcutaneous Stimulators: Key Parameters and their Impact on the Design Methodology.”

Paper 23 – Corinna Schultheiss, Thomas Schauer, Holger Nahrstaedt, Rainer O. Seidl and Jehoschua Bieler. “Efficacy of EMG/Bioimpedance-Triggered Functional Electrical Stimulation on Swallowing Performance.”

Paper 24 – Marie Dautrebande, Pascal Doguet, Simon-Pierre Gorza, Jean Delbeke, Yohan Botquin and Antoine Nonclercq. “In vivo Photonic Stimulation of Sciatic Nerve with a 1470 nm Laser.

Paper 25 – Antonio J. Del-Ama, Angel Gil-Agudo, Soraya Perez Nombela, Elisa Piñuela-Martín, José L. Pons and Juan C. Moreno. “Recent advances on lower limb hybrid wearable robots.”

Paper 26Juliana A. Guimarães, Lucas O. Da Fonseca, Clarissa C. S. Couto-Paz, Antônio P.L. Bó, Charles Fattal, Christine Azevedo-Coste and Emerson Fachin-Martins. “Towards parameters and protocols to recommend FES-Cycling in cases of paraplegia: a preliminary report.

Paper 27 – Nicolas Julémont, Antoine Nonclercq, Alain Delchambre and Anne Vanhoestenberghe. “A study on cross-talk nerve stimulation: electrode placement and current leakage lid.

Paper 28Adrien Debelle, Laura Hermans, Maxime Bosquet, Sam Dehaeck, Laurent Lonys, Benoit Scheid, Antoine Nonclercq and Anne Vanhoestenberghe. “Soft Encapsulation of Flexible Electrical Stimulation Implant: Challenges and Innovations.”

Paper 29 – Elisabetta Peri, Emilia Ambrosini, Alessandra Pedrocchi, Giancarlo Ferrigno, Claudia Nava, Valentina Longoni, Marco Monticone and Simona Ferrante. “Can FES-augmented active cycling training improve locomotion in post-acute elderly stroke patients?

Paper 30 – Laurent Lonys, Anne Vanhoestenberghe, Vincent Huberty, Martin Hiernaux, Nicolas Cauche, Nicolas Julémont, Adrien Debelle, François Huberland, Vicente Acuña, Carmen Godfraind, Jacques Deviere, Alain Delchambre, Pierre Mathys and Antoine Nonclercq. “Design and implementation of a less invasive gastrostimulator.

Paper 31 – Efe Anil Aksöz, Marco Laubacher, Stuart A. Binder-Macleod and Kenneth J. Hunt. “Effect of Stochastic Modulation of Inter-Pulse Interval during Stimulated Isokinetic Leg Extension.

Paper 32 Pablo Aqueveque, Vicente Acuña, Francisco Saavedra, Adrien Debelle, Laurent Lonys, Nicolas Julémont, François Huberland, Carmen Godfraind and Antoine Nonclercq. “Power Strategy in DC/DC Converters to Increase Efficiency of Electrical Stimulators.”

Paper 33 – Benjamin Riebold, Holger Nahrstaedt, Corinna Schultheiss, Rainer O. Seidl and Thomas Schauer. “Multisensor Classification System for Triggering FES in Order to Support Voluntary Swallowing.

Paper 34Christian Klauer and Thomas Schauer. “Two-Channel Muscle Recruitment (λ)-Control using the Evoked-EMG.

Paper 36 – Vahab Nekoukar and Abbas Erfanian. “The Role of Ankle Plantar Flexors in Walking Performance during Closed-Loop Control of Walker-Assisted FES-Activated Paraplegic Walking.

Paper 37 – Christian B. Laursen, Jørgen F. Nielsen, Ole K. Andersen and Erika G. Spaich. “Feasibility of using Lokomat combined with FES for the rehabilitation of foot drop.”

Paper 38 – Wafa Tigra, David Guiraud, David Andreu, Bertrand Coulet, Anthony Gelis, Charles Fattal, Pawel Maciejasz, Chloé Picq, Olivier Rossel, Jacques Teissier and Christine Azevedo Coste. “Exploring selective neural electrical stimulation for upper limb functions restoration.”

Paper 39 – David Graurock, Thomas Schauer and Thomas Seel. “User-Adaptive Inertial Sensor Network for Feedback-Controlled Gait Support Systems.”

Paper 40Ana Oliveira, Juan Ordonez, Ashouri Vajari Danesh, Max Eickenscheidt and Thomas Stieglitz. “Laser-Induced Carbon Pyrolysis of Electrodes for Neural Interface Systems”

Paper 41 – Brian Andrews, James Shippen, Monica Armengol, Robin Gibbons, William Holderbaum and William Harwin. “A Design Method for FES Bone Health Therapy in SCI.”

Paper 42 – Ana Claudia Lopes, Claudia Ochoa-Diaz, Roberto Baptista, Lucas Fonseca, Charles Fattal, Christine Azevedo Coste, Antônio Bó and Emerson Fachin-Martins. “Electrical stimulation to reduce the overload in upper limbs during sitting pivot transfer in paraplegic: a preliminary study.

Paper 43José Fernandes, Hugo Dinis, Luis Gonçalves and Paulo Mendes. “Microcooling solution development and performance assessment for thermal neuromodulation applications.”

Paper 44Oscar Aze, Etienne Ojardias, Davy Luneau, Janis Mednieks, Agnès Condemine and Pascal Giraux. “Transient effects of a single transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on gait performance in chronic hemiplegic patients.”

Paper 45 Saugat Bhattacharyya, Maureen Clerc and Mitsuhiro Hayashibe. “A study on the effect of electrical stimulation as a user stimuli for motor imagery classification in Brain-Machine Interface.”

Paper 46Adina Draghici, Glen Picard, J. Andrew Taylor and Sandra Shefelbine. “Assessing Kinematics and Kinetics of FES-Rowing.”

Paper 47 – Adina Draghici, Diane Potart, Vivian Pera, Mark Niedre and Sandra Shefelbine. “Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Measuring Bone Hemoglobin Content after Exercise in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury.”

Paper 48 – Jetsada Arnin, Yodchanan Wongsawat, Traisak Yamsa-Ard, Preechapawan Triponyuwasin and Pongsakorn Wechakarn. “On the Development of a Practical Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Cycling System Using EMG Investigation Technique.”

Paper 49 Michael Willand, Gregory Borschel and Tessa Gordon. “Electrically stimulating nerve and muscle to enhance regeneration and reinnervation following peripheral nerve injury.”

Paper 50 – Markus Valtin, Kristian Kociemba, Carsten Behling, Björn Kuberski, Sebastian Becker and Thomas Schauer. “RehaMovePro: A Versatile Mobile Stimulation System for Transcutaneous FES Applications.

Paper 51 – Paul Yoo and Zainab Moazzam. Restoring Urinary Function by Surface Electrical Stimulation.”

Paper 53 – Francisco Resquín, Jose Gonzalez-Vargas, Jaime Ibañez, Fernando Brunetti and José Luis Pons. “Feedback Error Learning Controller for FES assistance in a hybrid robotic system for reaching rehabilitation.”

Paper 54 – Cesar Marquez-Chin, Aaron Marquis and Milos R. Popovic. “BCI-Triggered Functional Electrical Stimulation Therapy for Upper Limb.

Paper 55 – Philip Troyk, Zhe Hu and Glenn Demichele. “Parallel electrochemical measurements of implanted neural recording microelectrodes.”

Paper 56 – Philip Troyk, David Frim, Ben Roitberg, Leo Towle, Sungjae Suh, Martin Bak, Samuel Bredeson and Zhe Hu. “Implantation of WFMA Stimulators in Macaque.”

Paper 57 – Thomas Guiho, Christine Azevedo Coste and David Guiraud. “Proposal for an intermediate animal model of spinal cord stimulation and preliminary results in one individual.”

Paper 58 Lucas Fonseca, Antônio Bó, Juliana Guimarães, Miguel Eduardo Gutierrez Paredes, Christine Coste and Emerson Fachin-Martins. “Cadence tracking and disturbance rejection in FES cycling for paraplegic subjects: a case study.”

Paper 59Pablo Aqueveque, Sergio Sobarzo, Britam Gomez, Claudio Maldonado and Francisco Saavedra. “Android platform for realtime tracking of the gait Using Inertial Measurement Units.”

Paper 60 – Kai Gui, Hiroshi Yokoi and Dingguo Zhang. “Human-FES Cooperative Control for Wrist Movement: A Preliminary Study.

Paper 62 Victor Arnez, Weiguang Huo, Ivan Colorado, Samer Mohammed and Yacine Amirat. “A Hybrid Approach Towards Assisting Ankle Joint of Paretic Patients.”

Paper 63 – Victor Duenas, Christian Cousin, Ryan Downey, Donald Bolser and Warren Dixon. “Influence of Vibration Stimuli on Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation of the Quadriceps Femoris Muscle Group.

Paper 64Mélissa Dali, Olivier Rossel and David Guiraud. “Fast simulation and optimization tool to explore selective neural stimulation.”

Paper 65 Makii Muthalib, Graham Kerr, Kazunori Nosaka and Stephane Perrey. “Local muscle metabolic demand induced by neuromuscular electrical stimulation and voluntary contractions at different force levels: a NIRS.” study

Paper 66Makii Muthalib, Marco Ferrari, Valentina Quaresima, Graham Kerr and Stephane Perrey. “Neuromuscular electrical stimulation and voluntary wrist extension movements elicit similar sensorimotor cortex activation: a continuous-wave fNIRS study.”

Paper 67 – Milica Isaković, Minja Belić, Matija Štrbac, Igor Popović, Strahinja Došen, Dario Farina and Thierry Keller. “Electrotactile feedback improves performance and facilitates learning in the routine grasping task.

Paper 68 – Jovana Malesevic, Matija Strbac, Milica Isakovic, Vladimir Kojic, Ljubica Konstantinovic, Aleksandra Vidakovic, Suzana Dedijer, Milos Kostic and Thierry Keller. “Evolution of surface motor activation zones in hemiplegic patients during 20 sessions of FES therapy with multi-pad electrodes.

Paper 69 –  Kei Masani “Functional electrical stimulation for postural control.”


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