Regular Session RS32

Chairs: Pilip Troyk, François Bonnetblanc
12mn presentation + 3mn questions/transition

Paper 9 – Mohammad Khazaei and Abbas Erfanian, “Adaptive Fuzzy Neuro Sliding Mode Control of the Hindlimb Movement Generated by Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation in Cat.

Paper 23 – Corinna Schultheiss, Thomas Schauer, Holger Nahrstaedt, Rainer O. Seidl and Jehoschua Bieler. “Efficacy of EMG/Bioimpedance-Triggered Functional Electrical Stimulation on Swallowing Performance.”

Paper 33 – Benjamin Riebold, Holger Nahrstaedt, Corinna Schultheiss, Rainer O. Seidl and Thomas Schauer. “Multisensor Classification System for Triggering FES in Order to Support Voluntary Swallowing.

Paper 30 – Laurent Lonys, Anne Vanhoestenberghe, Vincent Huberty, Martin Hiernaux, Nicolas Cauche, Nicolas Julémont, Adrien Debelle, François Huberland, Vicente Acuña, Carmen Godfraind, Jacques Deviere, Alain Delchambre, Pierre Mathys and Antoine Nonclercq. “Design and implementation of a less invasive gastrostimulator.

Paper 56 – Philip Troyk, David Frim, Ben Roitberg, Leo Towle, Sungjae Suh, Martin Bak, Samuel Bredeson and Zhe Hu. “Implantation of WFMA Stimulators in Macaque.”

Paper 57 – Thomas Guiho, Christine Azevedo Coste and David Guiraud. “Proposal for an intermediate animal model of spinal cord stimulation and preliminary results in one individual.”

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